Colonization of the space

Space Colonization

Geographies, space from space, space from emptiness, images of landscapes in which a supposedly extraordinary mineral wall could appear as an abstract, atomic image, or pure texture.
Landscapes or fragments of rock, mountain or landscapes intervened, “colonized”, in order to achieve a hybrid image, illuminated, cut, crossed with elements of another nature.
It is above all a fusion of the natural, nature –represented through culture– and the cultural: geometry.
The agenda of this combination is not to prevent the meaning of the figurative sign by trying to erase or violate conventions of the past, of History and Art History, it is about intervening in the landscape and creating a “colonization” of space.
This “invasion” of geometry that manages to complement the figurative image, despite the difference and contrast of the elements at stake, is the metaphor of penetration, conquest, fusion of the strange, “foreign” that works when combined.

Ana Maria Rodrigo Prado, 2015

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