Lorena has presented her work in numerous exhibitions in Latin America and Europe. In Lima she has participated collectively in various exhibitions at the Metropolitan Museum of Lima, Inca Garcilaso Cultural Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Limas National Library, Amano Museum (Pre-Columbine Textile Museum) as well at the Gallery El Olivar Cultural Center. She also presented six individual exhibitions entitled: Compass, Of the ambiguous, Colonization of the space, Geography of time I II, Matter and mathematics of a new landscape. On an international level, she has exhibited her work in photography festivals and colloquiums such as PHotoEspaña (São Paulo and Madrid), Cuatro Caminos Museum (Mexico City) and ARCO (Madrid). Her work entails part of public and private collections such as FOLA (Buenos Aires) Jan W.Mulder Collection (Lima) and San Marcos Art Museum (Lima). Her photographic work also appears in publications such as Lima, Perú by Mario Testino, Fotografía Contemporánea, Estratos de un Paisaje, Jan Mulder collection, among others. She studied Plastic Arts at Corriente Alterna and held photography workshops in todays, Centro de la Imagen. She is the first finalist of Descubrimientos PHotoEspaña 2017 for the Master’s degree in photography. Selected to participate in Descubrimientos Photo España 2021. She currently resides and works in Lima, Perú.

2020  Matter and mathematics of a new landscape. Del Paseo Gallery, Punta del Este (Text and curated: Jorge Villacorta).
2019  Geography of time II. Gallery Felipe Cossio Del Pomar, El Olivar Cultural Center of San Isidro, Lima.
2019  Geography of time I. Gallery del Paseo, Lima.

2016  Colonization of space. Forum Gallery, Lima.
2014  Of the ambiguous. Forum Gallery, Lima.
2009  Compass. Forum Gallery, Lima.

2021  Otra Feria, contemporary art, Buenos Aires.
2020  5 Fotógrafos Peruanos Contemporáneos. Galería del Paseo, Punta del Este Uruguay.
2020  Canteen. Campo Garzón, Gallery del Paseo, Uruguay.
2019  Visual Dialogues, Official Art Lima. Galeria del Paseo, Lima.
2019  Stratum of a Landscape. ARCO Madrid, Spain. Jan Mulder´s Collection, Casa de América, Madrid (Curated by Alejandro Castellote).

2018  Qulla Raymi Killa. Amano Museum (Pre-Colombine Textile Museum), Lima.
2018  Variations. Gallery del Paseo, Punta del Este (Curated by Luisa Fernanda Lindo). 
2017  Pacific Horizons. Gallery del Paseo, Punta del Este (Curated by Luisa Fernanda Lindo).
2016  Art for Ayacucho. National Library of Lima (Curated by Rocio Rodrigo).
2015  45 Peruvian photographers. Cultural Center Inca Garcilaso, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lima (Curated by Maria and Mario Acha).
2014  Lima: Territory and memory. Metropolitan Museum of Lima.
2012  Projection of the book Common Places (author of the book Lorena Noblecilla). Night in white, Art in public space, Lima (Curated by Christian Bendayán).
2010  Photo Shop. Vértice Gallery, Lima.
2008  Love and rejection City. Forum Gallery, Lima.
2008  Nature. Flujo project, Lima.

2021  Otra Feria, contemporary art, Buenos Aires.
2019  International photography Fair, Limaphoto. Del Paseo Gallery, Lima.
2018  International photography Fair, Limaphoto. Del Paseo Gallery, Lima.

2012  Common Places book (author Lorena Noblecilla). Photography Biennial of Lima.
2012  From the illusion of unreality. Parallel exhibition I Photography Biennial of Lima. Forum Gallery, Lima (Curator, Ana María Rodrigo).
2010 to 2016  International photography Fair, Limaphoto. Forum Gallery, Lima.

2021  Selected for the Descubrimientos Photo España, event of the international photography festival PHotoEspaña.
2017  Selected in the international photography festival of Getxophoto in the contest Popular Participation. Collective exhibition of The future is here. Culture of Algorta Classroom, Getxo, País Vasco, Spain.

2017   Transatlantic 10 years, PHotoEspaña International Photography Festival, official festival exhibition celebrating the ten years of the Transatlantic project, exhibition entitled Confluences. Casa de America, Madrid.
2017  Transatlantic 10 years, PHotoEspaña International Photography Festival, celebrating the ten years of the Transatlantic project with the exhibition entitled Confluences. Sesc Vila Mariana, São Paulo.
2017  Selected by the Pedro Meyer Foundation through Cuatro Caminos Photo Museum viewing with representatives of the photographic setting such as Joan Foncuberta, Fred Ritchin, Claudi Carreras, Andrea Jösh, among others. Latin American Photography Colloquium: Where are we going?, Mexico City.
2016  Selected at the international thematic photography festival Getxophoto in the Popular Participation contest within the theme Time. Getxo, País Vasco, Spain.
2016 Selected for the Transatlantic Viewing, event of the PHotoEspaña international photography festival. Cultural Center of Spain in Lima.

2020  Collection Jan Mulder, Photography book Contemporary Photography, Editorial ©RM y Meier Ramirez, Ciudad de México.
2019  Colección Jan Mulder Stratum of a Landscape. ©Printing Brizzolis  Madrid, Spain.
2017  XX Internacional Festival of Photography and visuals arts PHotoESPAÑA ©La Fábrica, Madrid.
2017  Trasatlántica Photoespaña, Sao Paulo ©La Fábrica, Sao Paulo.
2015  Fola Catalog, Collection Fola, Fototeca latinoamericana ©Fola, Buenos Aires.
2016  Book Andean Eye Perú by Luciano Benetton Collection. ©The Factory editorial, Italy.
2012  Photography book project Common places(author of the book Lorena Noblecilla) selected at the book Fair of photo authors. Centro de la Imagen, Photography Biennial of Lima.
2007  Photographic image selected in the photography book titled Lima – Perú by Mario Testino. Damiani editorial, London.

Jan W. Mulder Collection, Lima.

Permanent collection at the San Marcos Art Museum, Lima.
Fototeca Latinoamérica Fola Collection, Buenos Aires.

2017-2018  First finalist of Discoveries PHotoEspaña 2017 for the PHotoEspaña Master’s degree in photography. Theories and artistic projects 2017/2018  with the Colonization of space project, Madrid.

2016  Finalist in the sea photography contest, Amalamar, selected photography with the title of Conquering of the space. Cultural Association Yaku Azul, Lima.

2015  Bridge of Queswachaca. Great National Theater. Within the framework of the activities of the annual Board of Governors, Ministry of Culture, Lima.

2014  Yuyanapaq: to remember. FILBO. Center of historical memory of Bogotá, Ministry of Culture, Bogotá.
2014  The poet who loved life, Antonio Cisneros. FILBO. Corferias, Perú Pavilion, Ministry of Culture, Bogotá.

She has been teaching photography since 2011. She has been a professor at Corriente Alterna, Centro de la Imagen and Fuera de Foco.

2021  Virtual workshop Introduction to image analysis, by Carlos Zevallos, Lima.
2020  Virtual Workshop Topics and Agents of Contemporary Art in Peru, by Sharon Lerner, Lima.
2020  Virtual workshop Heterochronies and skin changes, by Jorge Villacorta, Lima.
2020  Virtual workshop What do images think?, by Alejandro Leon Cannock, Lima.
2020  Virtual workshop U-turns and drifts without antidote, by Jorge Villacorta, Lima.
2020  Virtual seminar Ethics in Art, by Luis Camnitzer, Centro de la Imagen, Lima.
2020  Virtual workshop U-turns and drifts, by Jorge Villacorta, Lima.
2017  What is post-photography? workshop, by Alejandro Leon Cannock, Lima.
2017  Participation in the Latin American Photography Colloquium, where are we going? Cuatro Caminos Museum, Pedro Meyer Foundation, Mexico City.
2013  Participation in the seminar of curatorial and creation of exhibitions, by Gerardo Mosquera, School of Art, Corriente Alterna, Lima.

© Lorena Noblecilla 2021
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